The manufacturing process of the tubs is a painstaking process by hand

The highest quality materials are used in the production of bathtubs. The shell of the tub is made of fiberglass, as this material is resistant to UV radiation, weather and other external conditions, and it is also easy to maintain. The shape of the fiberglass shell is adapted to the curvature of the human back, so it is comfortable to relax in the tub even for several hours. Compared to wooden tubs, our tub design is designed so that water consumption is lower. This advantage is provided by the design of the bench - it is integrated together with the walls and the floor.

Tub shells are produced in six colors - gray, white, red, black, blue and light gray. On the other hand, you can choose brown, gray or black color for wood decoration. A total of 18 color combinations are available. If you want to adjust the color of the wooden finishing boards of the tub to your house, terrace or guest house, we can make it happen!


Improve your well-being by supplementing the standard bathtub with one or both massage systems:

WATER MASSAGE - relaxation for muscles.

Water massage jets mimic the movements of the masseur's hands, relaxing tense muscles and penetrating the deeper tissues of the body. Enjoying a hydromassage after physical activity improves lymphatic drainage, which contributes to weight loss and prevents cellulite. The water massage nozzles effectively affect the most important areas of the body - the forehead and shoulders, waist, back and feet.

AIR MASSAGE – oxygen doping.

The flow of warm air bubbles performs a general caressing body massage and enriches the circulatory system with oxygen. Regular use of air massage improves metabolism, brain function and blood circulation, as well as strengthens immunity.


In order to make relaxation in the bathtub more colorful, we offer to supplement the package with LED lighting:

LED lamp (at the bottom of the tub), 48mm, 7 colors, 2 modes;

10 LED lights (placed around the perimeter of the tub), 7 colors, 2 modes.


Decorative LED panel with design (stainless steel). Ready-made designs are available, it is also possible to make a personalized one.

The most important conditions for using the hot tub:

Fiberglass tubs are practical and do not require much maintenance. These pools do not have gaps and sharp edges where dirt accumulates, its maintenance is much easier compared to a wooden or polypropylene tub.

The heating of the stove may only be started when the water has exceeded the height of the second water circulation pipe by at least 5 cm! It is forbidden to heat the stove if there is not enough water in the tub;

The tub stove can be heated with dry wood. It is recommended to use birch or alder firewood. It is forbidden to heat the hot tub stove with oak wood, all kinds of briquettes, pellets, coal, gas, liquid fuels;

At low temperatures (1 °C and lower), water must not be left in the tub and the oven - after use, when the oven burns out, water must be drained from both the tub and the oven;

Immediately after draining the water from the tub, turn on the massage systems for 15-30 seconds so that the air blows out possible condensate and water from the nozzles, pipes, distributors - thus preventing the systems from freezing.

You can safely use high-pressure washers (Karcher) to clean bathtubs. Use non-abrasive cleaners. Pool disinfectants may be used.

You will find detailed information on the installation and use of the hot tubs in the user manual.